Until You Came Along.

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Copyright © 2017 Shanice Swint - All Rights Reserved.  

 “He always leaves you behind,” Hendrix whispered in my ear. The rasp in his baritone tortured me beautifully. It was shocking how much control he possessed over me. Exhilarating how quickly he arrived whenever I requested his presence too.  

 “The neglect only places you in front of me.” This time when he spoke in my ear, I quivered.  


“Hendrix. Shut up. And kiss me already.”  

 Wrapping my arms around his tall and muscular frame, Hendrix came as close to me as he could stand. The moment his lips pressed against mine, I closed my eyes. I swore fireworks went off, relentlessly expressing an earth trembling flutter that his mere touch overwhelmed me with.  

 “I’m so tired of this shit,” he began. Complaining about not having me the way he wanted bothered him endlessly. Our time couldn’t be well spent without an inquiry of why I didn’t officially belong to him.  

 “Don’t do this. I’m not sure how long we have together,” I said, moaning through the kisses he placed on my lips and neck.  

 “Fuck that nigga. I’m here now. Limited time isn’t a concern of mine.”  

 “Hendrix,” I moaned. I tried to scream at him and shout reminders why it should be a concern of his, but I failed. Soft kisses to my neck clouded everything I previously thought to say. Quickly he’d humbled me, bringing me back to my reality when he stopped giving me the kisses I loved.   

“I’m beginning to feel used,” he said. Whispers in my ear made me moan. I tried to kiss him again, but he halted, then dodged my lips by turning his head.  

 “You want me or my dick?” he spat aggressively. It turned me on more. Hendrix was extremely enticing.  

 “Both?” I questioned, wondering if both was a reasonable request for him. Like he hadn’t already screwed me in the apartment I shared with Kingston twice a week, he commented his usual. A clear refusal to screw me in the bed I shared with Kingston, which I was fine with because some things left my conscious intact. Other things not so much!